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Micron Radio Control

Micron R/C specialises in radio control components for model rail and land vehicles.

An on-board battery and R/C receiver frees your locos and trains; no more time wasted cleaning track and pickups. Run your layout without track power - no need to insulate turnouts and no messy wiring.

The Micron MR601 receiver is suitable for the smaller gauges/scales and for 1:43, 1:76 and 1:87 scale road vehicles. MR603 is suitable for Gauge 0/1 and 16mm narrow gauge - send an email if you want updates on future model rail R/C products.

All receivers have at least one built-in forward/reverse speed controller and many auxiliary outputs for lighting, sound control, couplers, etc.

The Micron MR001 is a receiver for live-steam with outputs for regulator/reverser/whistle servos plus optional switched outputs for lighting or sound card triggers. MR001 may be used in combination with an external speed controller for larger battery locomotives.

The receivers are complemented with a range of model rail transmitter/controllers, sound cards and wiring accessories.

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